METAPROJECTS elevates the application of drones and opens the door to special and customized solutions for missions beyond the conventional.


Some problems that cannot be faced with conventional standard drones such as>

1 Inspection in construction of trusses and reinforced concrete structures with shielding effect and dark sides
2 Need to inspect from the bottom up
3 Environments with strong electromagnetic and nuclear contamination
4 Dark or underground environments
5 Limited movement space and close-up shooting
6 Extended flight range

> they require a custom drone with some special features such as the following>

1 In the GPS part, high sensitivity and high S / N ratio
2 High precision radar and laser obstacle sensors calibrated for confined spaces
3 GNSS 3D geolocation to operate under shielding areas
4 8-hour flight duration with the CLEVERFOLLOWER

AccessoriCarreggiatesil certification 250x250

Electronic design of METAPROJECTS and mechanics - aerodynamics of ENEA at the Automation and Control Laboratory of the Brasimone Research Center of ENEA.
ENEA's advanced "MECHATRONICS" design laboratory Mechanical and aerodynamic design with simulation C.F.D. Computational Fluid Dynamics    

CFD2    CFD                                    

METAPROJECTS hardware and software electronic design with predictive simulation toolsPrototyping and testing at the C.R. Brasimone ENEA

See http://www.exadrone.it/index.php/en/


The E series drones produced by the Automation Laboratory of ENEA and METAPROJECTS are all customizable and applicable for operations in the CBRN environment.

        E-850      E-480         E-330


• Wireless charge on board in the drone

• Very high precision GNSS

• Laser and Radar sensors for autoguiding, profiling and recognition of obstacles

• Custom gimbal and remote controlled ground automation for CBRN sensors

• Open interfacing with third party sensors

• Custom fairing

• CLEVERFOLLOWER® for flight autonomy up to 8 hours continuously

• Tracking and log file of on-board CBRN operations

• 3D GPS to fly under shielding areas (bridges or viaducts)

• BVLOS control via SAT

For your inspection or special mission, contact our R&D center who will offer all the support you need to configure your special drone


ACADEMY in the Villa Ruggeri of the C.R. Brasimone for the theoretical and practical training of drone piloting with its FLYING SCHOOL FIELD for missions.
Training of drone pilots for CRO scenarios.
Support courses for the use of drones for special CRBN missions.
Specialized courses in photogrammetry, thermography, 3D Lidar, Multispectral.

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Villa Ruggeri classroom and Flight Area inside the Brasimone Research Center

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