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Research for electronic R&D division of the EXADRONE Automation Laboratory at the Brasimone Research Center.



Multidisciplinary selection of:
Junior Software Developer for training support

Specific skills of the roles

Embedded firmware development for ARM
C and C / C ++;
They complete the profile

Communication skills and problem solving
Ability to work autonomously and remotely in teleworking
Knowledge of synchronous and asynchronous motor control and servo controls
Knowledge of wired Ethernet, CAN BUS, SPI, I2C, serial networks
Knowledge of Git Hub
knowledge of English for communication with foreign customers
Work locations: Camugnano Automation Control Laboratory Brasimone Research Center in teleworking


Multidisciplinary selection of:
1 Junior Hardware Designer newly graduated or graduated for training in training in the ARM digital systems design division

Specific knowledge of roles

logic and analog electronics
development of wireless IoT and GPS peripherals
assisted design using Spice Models
knowledge of basic measurement equipment.
They complete the profile

Communication skills and problem solving
Ability to work autonomously and remotely in teleworking
one of the following cad: Orcad, ALTIUM
one or more of the following simulators: LT Spice
ability to interface with firmware design personnel (basic knowledge of C language is appreciated)
participate in the engineering evaluation of projects under development and in the drafting of specifications
support the master and mechanics developer
participate in the preliminary debugging activities of all new equipment that will subsequently be subjected to final debugging by the quality department
ability to analyze EC regulations; knowledge of EMC tests and of the solution to immunity and emission problems
knowledge of English
Work locations: Camugnano Control Automation Laboratory Brasimone Research Center and Teleworking



The junior resource will be included in the Electronic R&D technical team and will work in support of the design of electronic devices.


Support to hardware designers for prototyping and laboratory testing
Research of components and laboratory tests
Creation of technical documentation relating to projects (bills of materials, production specifications, test reports, etc.)
Support to external suppliers and the purchasing department for everything related to the procurement of materials or the resolution of prototyping and production problems
Professional experience required

At least one previous teaching or working experience in maintenance and testing is required
He reports

To the Electronic R&D Technical Department
Training path required

Diploma of Electronic Expert or Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering
Technical / IT skills: the candidate must be able to:

use OrCAD Capture to draw electrical schematics
use the Microsoft Office package
use the typical instrumentation of an electronic laboratory, in particular the digital oscilloscope; know the basic methods of welding and assembly.
Language skills

Knowledge of the English language sufficient to correctly read and interpret technical documents and emails.
They complete the profile

Ability to independently manage the priorities assigned, spirit of initiative and adaptation, passion for one's work and problem solving

Place of work: Camugnano Control Automation Laboratory Brasimone Research Center

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The profiles are intended for candidates of both sexes in accordance with laws n ° 903/77 and 125/91.
Interested parties can send their curriculum vitae to the Office Human resources
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reporting the note in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the protection of Personal Data citing the reference to this announcement "GM 39-17".