• Design of electrical equipment on the machine
  • Design of automation panels
  • Design and development of PLC programs, remote control systems, supervision HMI, motion control
  • Design of special sensors and embedded real-time devices integrated in the automation
  • “Safety” embedded automation design compliant with EN61508

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The feasibility and executive design based on the client's functional specification is carried out with the use of the most modern design systems and assisted with predictive simulation tools.
The Spice Model tools, in the frequency domain, computational or numerical fluid dynamics CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics, are an advanced engineering approach that guarantees design objectives and reliability.

01 spice 02 awr 03 cfd

The design criteria and the graphic and text documentation are created with the most standard commercial development tools and according to the ISO, CEN, UNI and CEI standards.
Some of the logics in use: Siemens PLC and LabVIEW NI

07 siemens 08 labview

The contents and the progress steps of the projects are shared with the client in a secure Cloud for the sharing of component approvals and design strategies.
The planned design reviews are managed safely with videoconference and also the tests at our Automation and Control Laboratory in the ENEA Brasimone Research Center can be carried out in streaming with video direction.

09 cloud 10 vm 11 labautomazione

The design is followed by the support and supervision in the field of the plant or switchboard construction. The design ends with the final FAT test at the manufacturer and, if required, with the SAT.

Some of out clients:

12 ENEA 13 ansaldonuc

Operational area:

Automation and Control Laboratory

Brasimone Research Center of ENEA