METAPROJECTS was set by a group of design engineers with decades of experience from major companies in various sectors that make up a team of high competence and enlarged.
The know-how in industrial automation, in power supply, in broadcasting allows us to successfully tackle complex projects that meet all the requirements of an embedded electronic solutions to customer specifications.
The constant updating and use of simulators gives us a high quality result in the first revision and reduces time to market.


The established relationships with industry associations, with international research centers and with the local university, allow us to be a valuable partner in the development of more innovative solutions.

Main skills of hardware design:

- Digital electronics, analog and power
- Microcontroller systems, programmable DSP and FPGA
- Feeders fly-back, forward, push-pull, resonant
- Drives for brushless trapezoidal or sinusoidal
- Step motor drives managed by digital and / or analog
- Inverter V / F and Vector
- Drivers for piezoelectric actuators, placements of proportional valves, sensors
- Standard communication interfaces or proprietary; we are members EtherCAT from 2011
- Wireless and GPS tracking
- LiPo battery systems with high currents
- Complete development of the PCB layout

 Main skills Firmware and Software:

- C language and C ++ for embedded use (Firmware)
- Linux and Android applications in the PC
- Standard communication protocols or dedicated
- User interfaces and applications for expert systems on Linux or Windows
- Database Management
- Network management of Windows Server

 Our mission is to provide support for the development of innovative ideas and solutions, offering design, capacity and creativity, helping clients in delivering customized solutions with high technological content.

Consulting technical regulations for the CE and the placing on the market

Tests EMC radiated and conducted, Electrostatic, Burst, Flickers

We have a laboratory of pre-compliance